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Service Agreement "Thrive Beyond Anxiety & Chronic Stress: Your Journey to Resilience" Course 

This Service Agreement outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of the online automated course titled "Thrive Beyond Anxiety & Chronic Stress: Your Journey to Resilience" provided by Murrell Community Counseling Services MCCS/Mindset Mastery Coaching by MCCS (Dr. Leslie Becton, EdD, LPC, Certified Coach).

By accessing and using the Course, you ("Participant") agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement:

  1. Course Access and Use:

The Course offers digital content, including text, videos, exercises, and resources, designed to assist Participants in managing anxiety and chronic stress while building resilience. The Participant shall access and use the Course solely for personal, non-commercial purposes.

  1. Intellectual Property:

All Course materials, including but not limited to text, graphics, videos, and other content, are owned by the Provider and are protected by intellectual property laws. Participants are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Course materials solely for personal learning purposes.

  1. No Guarantee of Results:

The Provider has made efforts to ensure the accuracy and quality of the Course content. However, individual results may vary. The Provider does not guarantee specific outcomes or results from participating in the Course.

  1. Confidentiality:

Participants agree to keep any login credentials provided for Course access confidential and not to share them with others. Participants further agree not to reproduce, distribute, or share Course materials without explicit written permission from the Provider.

  1. No Refunds:

The Provider does not offer refunds for the Course. Once the Course is purchased, access to the digital content is granted immediately, and no refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

  1. Technical Requirements:

Participants are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary hardware, software, and internet connection to access and engage with the Course materials. The Provider is not responsible for technical difficulties on the Participant's end.

  1. Limitation of Liability:

The Provider shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising out of or related to the use or inability to use the Course materials.

  1. Modification or Termination:

The Provider reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Course or any part thereof without prior notice. Participants acknowledge that access to the Course may be interrupted due to maintenance, upgrades, or unforeseen technical issues.

By enrolling in and using the Course, Participants acknowledge that they have read and understood this Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.


Dr. Leslie Becton, EdD, LPC, Certified Coach


Thrive Beyond Anxiety & Chronic Stress: Your Journey to Resilience Course

Embark on your transformative journey today – conquer anxiety, overcome chronic stress, and build unshakable resilience.  Enroll in 'Thrive Beyond Anxiety & Chronic Stress: Your Journey to Resilience' now. Invest in your well-being and unlock a future filled with strength and serenity.

What you'll get:

  • Instant access to a comprehensive Resilience Toolkit 

  • Flexible Learning at your own Pace

  • Supportive On-line community

    Disclaimer: 1. No Refunds: Due to the digital nature of the course content and the immediate access provided upon purchase, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. 2. Commitment to Learning: The course is designed to provide valuable tools and strategies to help you navigate anxiety and chronic stress. Your success in the course depends on your commitment to learning, practicing, and implementing the techniques provided. 3. Responsibility for Results: While the course aims to assist you in building resilience and managing stress, individual results may vary. Your progress and outcomes are dependent on your effort, consistency, and personal circumstances. 4. Course Access: Once purchased, you'll have continuous access to the course materials. Feel free to revisit the content as needed to reinforce your learning and track your progress. 5. Technical Requirements: Accessing the course requires a stable internet connection and compatible device. It's your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary technology to access and engage with the course materials.

What People Are Saying:

"As a busy mom, stress was my constant companion. This course was my lifeline. Learning to thrive beyond anxiety has transformed my life. I'm now the calm and strong person my family needs. Highly recommend!"

Sarah L. - Calm in Chaos

"Stress used to run my life, but not anymore. This course taught me how to take control and build resilience. Now, I face challenges with confidence and feel empowered. Thank you for this life-changing journey!"

Alex T.- From Overwhelmed to Empowered

"I struggled with chronic stress for years. 'Thrive Beyond Anxiety & Chronic Stress' was a game-changer. The techniques are easy to understand and apply. I'm amazed at how much better I feel – it's like a new lease on life!"

Jake M. - Life Saver!

"I never thought I could conquer my anxiety, but this course changed everything. 'Thrive Beyond Anxiety & Chronic Stress' gave me practical tools that now help me find inner peace whenever I need it. I'm so grateful!

Emma W. - Finding Inner Peace

"Investing in this course was the best decision I made. It's like having a personal guide to conquering stress. The value I've gained is priceless, and I'm now equipped with tools to navigate life's challenges with resilience."

Daniel H. - Worth Every Penny